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    In the spotlight – Chance The Rapper

    “Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book is one of the strongest rap albums released this year, an uplifting mix of spiritual and grounded that even an atheist can catch the Spirit to.” –  Kris Ex of Pitchfork Media. Considered as one his generation’s most exciting artists, Chance The Rapper (real name: Chancelor Bennett) is making the headlines with his acclaimed mixtape Coloring Book. ...

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  • Chuck D of PE
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    Rage Against The Machine And Public Enemy are Getting Together To Form a New Band

    The news is out! Chuck D of Public Enemy, B-Real of Cypress Hill, and all the members of Rage Against the Machine (minus Zach de la Rocha *sad face) are uniting to form a supergroup called Prophets Of Rage with plans of their debut show to be held at Hollywood Palladium on June 3rd. So far, there’s no confirmed news of an ...

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    Chino Moreno On Gore, Madonna And Creativity

    Picture: Metalinsider Chino Moreno, lead vocalist and guitarist from legendary band Deftones took some time out from his tour to talk to us about his favorite band, his imagination and the band’s latest release Gore. The album is melodious yet merciless and bittersweet, reflective of Moreno’s voice and the band’s relationship. Part of Deftones’ reputation comes from their inability to get along ...

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    Deezer Is Changing The Face Of Music Curation

    Remember the days when it took hours, weeks, if not months to find that one amazing song? (In fact looking back it’s hard to imagine that some of us sat by the radio for hours on end to record our favorite songs on tape!) Thankfully times have changed and over the past few years Deezer, the streaming service with the world’s largest ...

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    Deezer Hack Session – Building the future of music

    Can you imagine sitting comfortably in your living room listening to your favorite Justin Bieber song stream on a vintage 1960’s era radio? Well, here at Deezer we made it happen, read on to find out… During our last Deezer Hack Session which took place at our Paris office, we had our Tech teams work some of their engineering magic and come ...

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    Watch It Buddy, Deezer is now available on Apple Watch

    Music can be timeless, no? The songs of your childhood or your school days seem untouched by the passing of years. A soaring aria from a Puccini opera or the exuberant whine of Miles Davis’ trumpet often feel free of time’s laws. Alas we live in a world bound by the orderly progression of day and night. But that doesn’t mean you ...

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  • Ben Harper Deezer Session

    VIDEO: Ben Harper’s Deezer Session

    It has been seven years since Ben Harper las played a show with the Innocent Criminals. Beginning with his 1994 debut, Welcome To The Cruel World, Harper released a string of eight studio albums over a decade and a half. This extraordinary run, featuring contributions from the Innocent Criminals, established him as a singularly powerful songwriter and performer with range across multiple ...

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    VIDEO: The Kills’ Deezer Session

    After a five-year absence, multi-faceted alluring rock minimalists The Kills are back with a new album Ash & Ice, released early June. Over their almost decade-and-a-half career, the band has released four records. But unlike previous albums which had an air of detachment and emotional austerity, the 13 songs on Ash & Ice are more affecting, addictive and seductive, reflecting the kind ...

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  • Bloc Party 2015 01 - credit Rachael Wright - HI

    VIDEO: Bloc Party’s Deezer Session

    Bloc Party are back after a four-year absence with their new release Hymns. As the title suggests the album is about faith and devotion. After 16 years of “Loud, Spiky songs”, as singer Kele Okereke puts it, “and after making four albums, which were very abrasive, I wanted to make something more sensual, that took you in and hugged you, rather than ...

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    Live stream Hellfest Festival with Arte Concert on Deezer!

    Waited too long to grab your Hellfest pass? Worried it might rain and your wellies have more holes in them than Swiss cheese? Or are you terrified that Rammstein will set your body on fire. Whatever the reason, if you prefer to headbang from your sofa instead of a mud-caked field, then you’re in luck because we’re livestreaming from Hellfest thanks to ...

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    Live Stream PJ Harvey’s Concert On Deezer

    Needless to introduce PJ Harvey whose stellar career has ranked her as one of history’s greatest female rock artists. She formed her iconic trio in 1991 in Dorset England. Following the release of  her debut album Dry, PJ Harvey shot to fame and has over the course of her career won two Mercury Prizes and numerous other awards for her intricate and ...

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    Watch a Livestream of Laurent Garnier’s Dj set at YEAH! Festival

    Photo Credit: Richard Bellia “By the time I was ten years old my bedroom looked like a nightclub. There were strobes, multi-colored flashing lights, a disco ball, a DJ booth and a dance floor. When I switched on my equipment hundreds of tiny white lights would flit across my bedroom ceiling and walls. I switched on my disco ball every night. I ...

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  • tv songs

    12 Iconic TV Theme Songs

    Photo Credit: We all have a special connection with TV theme songs. They make the show instantaneously recognizable and set the tone for each episode. They also trigger some of our fondest childhood memories. Between the ‘60s and the ‘90s TV witnessed the golden years of theme songs. From The Muppet Show, Cheers, Scooby-Doo to Mission:Impossible, hundreds of TV theme songs ...

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  • world photo day

    It’s World Photography Day: Look back at some of the best music photography of all time.

    A picture is worth a thousand words especially when it’s World Photography Day. So let’s celebrate the medium with some of music’s most iconic moments and people captured on camera.   ...

    On August 19, 2016 / By
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    6 Cool Musicians to Follow on Instagram

      1. ED ROSTE Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Roste is not just a talented musician, he’s an Instagram master too. He posts a bunch every day, from photos of his amazing travels, shots with fellow musicians like Woodkid, to lots of pics of himself doing the V sign (can someone explain?). He’s also an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter. Had a triumphant day ...

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    Home Improvements from Deezer x Sonos

    Wouldn’t you agree? Every room in your home has a unique purpose and personality? Think of your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Each has a function, a form and, as it turns out, a soundtrack. In light of this we partnered with Sonos to offer bespoke playlists for your home plus the chance to win one Sonos Play:5 or one of ...

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  • Deezer Xmas Blog

    Tweet Us Your Favourite Track And Win a Full Year of Deezer Premium+!

    Guess who is Santa Claus this year!? You are! Tweet us your favourite track, and if you have been kind this year, Deezer Father Christmas will send you a Premium + subscription! To participate in the contest, you only need your Twitter account to tweet your favourite track to Deezer (@Deezer) with the hashtag #ChristmasPlaylist. Your track will be added to the ...

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    Tweet a Color, Be a Champion

    Get a chance to win a BeoSound Moment and a pair of BeoLab 18 wireless speakers, worth £6,565! The new BeoSound Moment is not color blind. In fact this exceptional new wireless music system is what you might call “color smart”. Its unique touchscreen color MoodWheel matches mood to music by creating a soundtrack based on the climate between your ears. Feeling ...

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