• Maggie Rogers releases her much anticipated EP Now That The Light Is Fading
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    Maggie Rogers releases her much anticipated EP Now That The Light Is Fading

    Last year, two unrelated-but-glorious events dedicated to nature happened: Planet Earth 2 and Maggie Roger’s viral song ‘Alaska’. Maggie Roger’s rise to fame came while studying music production at New York’s University’s Clive Davis Institute. During a masterclass attended by Pharrell Williams, she played ‘Alaska’, a track she had written in 15 minutes after a hiking trip across a glacier. William’s stunned ...

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  • How Prince influenced our lives
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    How Prince Made The World A More Colorful Place

    It’s been almost 10 months since legendary rocker Prince passed away. He was a musical pioneer, a boundary-pusher, a rule-breaker and meant a lot of things to a lot of people. Some admired his unapologetic style, artistic vision and talent while others worshipped his dance moves. Prince also got under people’s skin with his flamboyant personality which became almost as famous as ...

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  • Everybody’s talkin’ about Rag’n’Bone Man
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    Deezer NEXT: Everybody’s Talkin’ About Rag’n’Bone Man

    As part of our Deezer NEXT programme, we’re supporting emerging artists who will be rocking your world in 2017. Rory Graham, aka Rag’n’Bone Man is one of them. Introducing: Rory Graham Aka: Rag’n’Bone Man Hometown: Uckfield near Brighton, UK Who is he? Rag’n’Bone Man is a 32-year-old British singer who recently debuted his first album ‘Human’. He has injected an exciting new ...

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    FC Barcelona Join Forces With Deezer to Bring Fans The Sound of Barça

    FC Barcelona have teamed up with Deezer in a new partnership which brings fans of the footballing giants the unique sound of Barça. Acclaimed the world over for their expressive brand of football, supporters of the five-time European champions can now enjoy the rhythms and beats that inspire the sparkling play of the likes of Messi, Suárez and Neymar Jr. As their ...

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    Manchester United Team Up With Deezer In A First Exclusive Partnership

    Manchester United are not just one of the biggest names in world football, they also happen to be huge music fans – a fact confirmed by the announcement of their new partnership with Deezer. To celebrate this ground-breaking deal some of the biggest Old Trafford names from the past and present – including Paul Pogba, Ashley Young and Rio Ferdinand – have ...

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    DEEZER FAMILY IS AVAILABLE, gather round the table!

    Ever been stuck in the car with your dad playing the same Neil Young album over and over again? Does your mom interrupt your in-front-of-the-mirror in-bedroom twerkfest to play her Il Divo songs? With just one music streaming account in the house, spending some quality alone time with your favorite music or choosing songs that’ll make everybody happy can quickly escalate into ...

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    VIDEO: Mykki Blanco crushes his Deezer session performance

    Mykki Blanco rips up every hip hop rulebook and ‘doesn’t give a fuck what you think’. Watch Mykki Blanco perform Fendi Band, I’m In A Mood and Hideaway from his mesmerizing new album Mykki released in September 2016. Heavily inspired by the Riot grrl movement and homocore, Blanco is considered one of hip-hop’s queer pioneers alongside Le1f and Zebra Katz, although he ...

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    Glass Animals’ Deezer Session

    Six months ago Dave Bayley and band mates Drew MacFarlane (guitar), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass) and Joe Seward (drums) ended their massive debut world tour. Dave still has difficulty grasping their overwhelming success. “It’s so weird, I made music with my friends for fun” he says, “I didn’t actually think it would become my career, I haven’t even had time to really think ...

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    VIDEO: Ben Harper’s Deezer Session

    It has been seven years since Ben Harper las played a show with the Innocent Criminals. Beginning with his 1994 debut, Welcome To The Cruel World, Harper released a string of eight studio albums over a decade and a half. This extraordinary run, featuring contributions from the Innocent Criminals, established him as a singularly powerful songwriter and performer with range across multiple ...

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    Live stream Hellfest Festival with Arte Concert on Deezer!

    Waited too long to grab your Hellfest pass? Worried it might rain and your wellies have more holes in them than Swiss cheese? Or are you terrified that Rammstein will set your body on fire. Whatever the reason, if you prefer to headbang from your sofa instead of a mud-caked field, then you’re in luck because we’re livestreaming from Hellfest thanks to ...

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    Live Stream PJ Harvey’s Concert On Deezer

    Needless to introduce PJ Harvey whose stellar career has ranked her as one of history’s greatest female rock artists. She formed her iconic trio in 1991 in Dorset England. Following the release of  her debut album Dry, PJ Harvey shot to fame and has over the course of her career won two Mercury Prizes and numerous other awards for her intricate and ...

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    Watch a Livestream of Laurent Garnier’s Dj set at YEAH! Festival

    Photo Credit: Richard Bellia “By the time I was ten years old my bedroom looked like a nightclub. There were strobes, multi-colored flashing lights, a disco ball, a DJ booth and a dance floor. When I switched on my equipment hundreds of tiny white lights would flit across my bedroom ceiling and walls. I switched on my disco ball every night. I ...

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  • Lady Gaga Super Bowl performance

    SUPER BOWL: When The Chips Are Down, Turn To Lady Gaga

    With current world politics, climate change and crises A,B and C plaguing us, we welcome any celebrity who makes it their mission to entertain us and put a smile on our face. Cue Lady Gaga, who flew down from the roof of Houston’s NRG station into the crowd, surrounded by hundreds of sparkly drones. Although Lady Gaga opened the Super Bowl with ...

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    It’s the bluest day of the year. We’ve got two playlists to make you feel worse

    For those of you still trying to hang on to the last Christmas spirit crumbs, we’re here to tell you it’s over. No more mince pies, no more turkeys, no more fairy lights, no more presents, no more fuzzy feelings, no more “Hygge” and no more joy. Today is January 16th, officially the most depressing day of the year. Why? Because it’s ...

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    Editor’s Album Picks 2016

    Brace yourselves! Album countdowns are coming… except that we’ve decided not to rate albums this year. Because music is as diverse and personal as our lovely Editors, we’ve decided to look to them to find out what 2016’s best albums are. After a year of crafting playlists to make you laugh, cry, sing, dance, sleep (and potentially get laid), we’ve asked them ...

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    Video: James Hetfield opens up about Metallica’s career

    The 4 horsemen are back with their spanking new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct. To celebrate their return, Metallica traveled to Europe last November so we jumped on the chance for a one-on-one with James Hetfield. Hetfield was very relaxed and friendly when we met. He chatted about the band’s good health, their upcoming tour and spoke candidly about Lemmy’s death and ...

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    Win a chance to see Metallica perform live in Copenhagen

    To celebrate Metallica’s epic comeback with their phenomenal 10th album Hardwired…to Self-Destruct and their upcoming world tour, Deezer and Metallica have partnered up to offer you the chance to see them play live in Denmark. On 7th February 2017, Metallica will perform in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena and two lucky winners will get to meet the band and attend the concert. How does ...

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    Home Improvements from Deezer x Sonos

    Wouldn’t you agree? Every room in your home has a unique purpose and personality? Think of your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Each has a function, a form and, as it turns out, a soundtrack. In light of this we partnered with Sonos to offer bespoke playlists for your home plus the chance to win one Sonos Play:5 or one of ...

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