Deezer Is Changing The Face Of Music Curation

Posted by mickey | July 11, 2016 | NEWS, Uncategorized

Remember the days when it took hours, weeks, if not months to find that one amazing song? (In fact looking back it’s hard to imagine that some of us sat by the radio for hours on end to record our favourite songs on tape!) Thankfully times have changed and over the past few years Deezer, the streaming service with the world’s largest music catalog, has specialised in gathering, organising and providing users with their personalised music fix. In an era where “taking time out”  is a luxury rather than a necessity, saving time on stuff like music can be a blessing. This is why our latest update brings you two great new features. A new team of wacky and awesome Curators are bringing together everything about a genre, mood or moment into one single place called Channels, so you can find the music you need. Find it all on the new-look home screen or read on to find out more.

Channels: Music, News and More now under one roof

All the tracks, Live Radio, podcasts and playlists tied to a genre or a mood are now available in one snug place called Channels. This brand new feature gives you everything about any genre, mood, news or sports in one curated space. This is also where you’ll find playlists curated by our specialised editors.


Deezer Has Integrated Live Radio To Its Service

Precious time is often wasted on small inconveniences like tab shifting or opening new windows to access content on other websites. To streamline your audio, we’re giving listeners in the US, France, Germany and the UK the chance to tune in to their number one live radio stations without leaving the Deezer app! You can even instantly ID tracks on some stations and add them straight to your library.

* If you don’t have Channels in your Deezer yet, don’t panic, the new feature is being progressively rolled out until the end of July.

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When’s it coming to iOS devices in uk

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We have one now 🙂

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