Facebook Music Stories: a better way to discover and share music

Posted by sarah | December 21, 2015 | NEWS

Wanna hear a story? You can! Starting today Deezer is now included in Facebook’s “Music Stories” feature.

“Sounds cool,” you say. “But what does this mean?”

Now when you share Deezer links, your friends using Facebook’s iOS app can stream a 30 second preview directly in their feed. If they dig the tune they can click through instantly to Deezer and hear more, add it to their library or download it for offline listening.

“I like that story! Tell me more!!” you say.

Music Stories makes music discovery easier and because you already have better taste than most of your friends sharing songs from Deezer makes it simple for you to prove it to them. You’ll even have the opportunity to add comments when you send your media-rich status update. To be snarky or sincere? You decide — it’s your Music Story after all.

To use the feature simply copy the link to a song or album and post it to the status update box. Voila, you’ve just created a Music Story that looks as good as it sounds. There’s even an animated spinning record with a play/pause button so others can control the tunes right from their feed.

Deezer’s integration with Facebook’s Music Stories amps up your cool quotient big time. Now get in there and start telling Music Stories.

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