Houndline Bling: the perfect tracks to make your mutt #GoneFullDeezer

Posted by mickey | July 11, 2016 | MUSIC

Enter our #GoneFullDeezer competition to win a Sonos Play:1 or Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Tweet or instagram a video or picture of pets digging their tunes using #GoneFullDeezer.

Music is always better when it’s shared. But what happens when you’re home alone with your pet? Judging by his side eye when you perform Rihanna acapella in the shower, you don’t think he digs music, right? Well, think again because it turns out your pooch loves his music just as much as you… (just not when you sing, apparently).

We’ve put your pet’s tastes to the test by adding a special soundtrack to our latest TV ad in an animal-friendly frequency, so Fido can enjoy your TV dinner too. What a woofderful world.

We love our pets so much we commissioned a new study to prove that our pets not only feel the beat, but that music’s good for them too. Need proof?

Performed by animal behaviourist Dr David Sands, our study uses track frequency and BPM to find the music that keeps pups chillaxed and the songs that release their up-tempo happiness (Who run the woof now?).

So what makes our pooches euphoric or mellow? According to Sands, high-frequency music such as White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ kept the dogs’ energy levels up…

This dog has serious gabba skills:

…while the ultimate state of canine nirvana came from slow beat tracks such as Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself.

Make it rain mongrel:

 So next time you listen to your Deezer Flow, make sure your pet knows where the party’s at too. If you’re still trying to figure out what makes your fluffy friend  ‘drop it like it’s pup’, don’t kill his vibe – just pop on David Sands’ specially curated happy and energizing playlists for doggiess.

Seriously don’t kill his vibe

If you want a new Sonos Play:1 to drop it like it’s pup, or some Sennheiser Momentum headphones  for walking Fido, then enter our competition. Just Tweet or Instagram your favourite video or image of pets reacting to music using #GoneFullDeezer.


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Deezer is the best music app I’ve used and I’ve used all of them!!

Absolutely love geezer..as do my pets!

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