New features on Deezer

Posted by sarah | February 21, 2013 | NEWS, Uncategorized

Deezer has added several new features to improve your music experience.

There’s something for everyone, whether you are a Deezer fanatic or new comer.

With ‘Take the tour’ Deezer gives you tips to help you to create and manage your music library. Keep all the ‘Tracks you love’ in one place and customise your music library from the ‘Current playlist’. Let’s have a quick look together.

‘Take the tour’ and explore Deezer!

Take the tour

Learn how to search for a song; how to create a playlist, or add an album or artist to your music library; and get a run down of all the features of the player.

Just select ‘Take the tour’ from the menu at the top right of your screen and get to know your way around Deezer.


create playlist

Discover ‘Tracks you love’

add love

When it comes to music, wear your heart on your sleeve. Now you can declare your love and keep all the songs you love most in one place, in one click. Click the heart icon on the player to add a song to ‘Tracks you love’.

Love list

All the ‘Tracks you love’ are now accessible from the menu on the left of the screen in your music library. You can ‘unheart’ a song at anytime to remove it from your ‘Tracks you love’ playlist.

remove love

The ‘Current playlist’ evolves

You can now add songs to your playlists and to ‘Tracks you love’ directly from the ‘Current playlist’.

current playllist

Let’s get started! Enjoy!


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