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Posted by Dominic | January 25, 2016 | MUSIC

She collects dead bugs and never wanted to be a pop star. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Aurora…

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We meet Aurora the day after she plays her biggest UK show to date, supporting Of Monsters And Men at Brixton Academy. Her tiny figure fills the stage of the 5000-capacity venue with ease – bounding around and shaking with barely-contained energy as she sings. It looks like second nature to her now – but this wasn’t always the case. “I didn’t like performing before,” she says. “I almost died every time.”

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This isn’t all that surprising. After all, Aurora almost fell into this role by accident. “It was never a dream, becoming an artist,” she tells us. It was a secondary school teacher who persuaded her to take music more seriously after seeing her first performance. She met her management company with the aim of writing songs for other people, and then, “for some reason, I became the artist. I have no idea how that happened.”

Aurora with our editor Sam

Aurora with our editor Sam

It might have something to do with her unique charisma and magnetism. She is charming and completely unpredictable; our questions serve as little more than hooks on which she can hang her unravelling thoughts. We hear her opinions on TV (“It’s like being in a coma.”), learn about her insect collection and discover that she enjoys staring at things in silence. “I’m so easily distracted,” she admits, after being interrupted by an invisible presence in the room.

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She does focus when discussing how she uses her music as a cathartic process. “I’m very easily affected by everything, but if I’ve made something beautiful out of something bad, then its fine to move onto the next bad thing.” When we mention that it might take some time to work her way through all the bad things in the world, she looks genuinely forlorn, shrugging in resignation.

It’s this balance of light and dark that makes Aurora’s world so intriguing. She assures us that there are three “happy songs” on her forthcoming album, but we’d be surprised if it was that simple – with Aurora things are never quite as they seem.

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Listen to Aurora’s Deezer playlist below.

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