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Posted by Dominic | January 18, 2016 | MUSIC

Her primary school teacher told her she couldn’t sing. Now she’s one of 2016’s most promising artists. Say hello to Dua Lipa, the self-proclaimed “badass bitch” of pop.

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“Don’t give a f**k, go after what you love and believe in, and be proud of everything you do.” Dua Lipa is explaining what it takes to be a “badass bitch,” and she’s not holding back. “It’s literally going and getting what you want and giving it all the attitude you can.” Is she a badass bitch? “I’d like to think so,” she smiles.

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If that sounds surprisingly self-assured coming from a new artist who has only recently turned 20, it’s because Dua Lipa certainly isn’t lacking in self-belief – although that hasn’t always been the case. She left home aged 15 and attended theatre school in London, a period of her life that she credits with giving her the confidence she has today. “Everything I wanted I had to go out there and get it myself,” she tells us.

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But she’s still coming to terms with the attention she has been receiving recently. “It’s all so, so surreal. It’s quite scary when you decide to put something out, you wonder if anyone will like it.” She says that she still hasn’t got used to hearing herself on the radio – although she does admit with a laugh that she will always “turn it up!” when one of her songs comes on.

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Lipa says that she looks up to the likes of P!nk and Nelly Furtado, and has a love of hip hop, singling out J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar as favourites. “I really relate to the realness of hip hop, I feel like no-one’s more truthful than rappers,” she explains. She says that she would love to work with hip hop artists, but not until she’s ready – “I want to get my message across first.”

Her chance to do exactly that will come this summer, when she releases her debut album, which is influenced by the “lucky dip of life.” A lucky dip it may be, but Dua Lipa certainly has the odds tipped in her favour.

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Listen to Dua Lipa’s Deezer playlist below.

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