Strong & Stable is here to help you survive the election

Posted by Roman Tagoe | May 31, 2017 | NEWS
Strong & Stable

Ah, the joys of a general election. If you’ve already had your fill of TV “debates”, battle buses and leaflets dropping through your door then you’re probably not alone. It’s enough to make you want to hide out on Jeremy’s allotment and not emerge until June 9th. Or next year. Or never.

That’s why we’ve set out to lift the gloom with our new show, Strong & Stable, a weekly satirical podcast jammed with the finest political and comedic minds. Each week will feature impressionist Rory Bremner, ranting reporter extraordinaire Jonathan Pie and a range of guests corralled by comedy legend David Schneider, this is the only show you need to survive the 2017 general election.

Listen below and join us each Wednesday until June 21st as we navigate the highs, lows and hilarious moments of #GE2017.

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Margaret Thatcher horror story continues.

I listened to a bit of this during the election but didn’t find it easy to reach your podcast , when I clicked on this advert and got an actual podcast I was very happily surprised . I’ve listened to it twice now and would love to share it with friends but can’t figure out how of course 😁 .. I shall persevere and go to your website and search for deezer on fb and twitter . PS excellent work all of you . Hilarious !

Haha back here listening to the podcast of bloopers for the third time as I made the mistake of dismissing the page before I had stopped the player .. mind you it’s so funny that’s no hardship 😍

Hahahaha back here for the fourth time listening to the same blooper podcast with absolutely no clue how to find another episode without paying £35 on iTunes … which , sadly, because of this government , I cannot afford at all , even though Strong and stable adverts sound hilarious

Hi this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this great Information that is very interesting smile I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this you are bookmarked.

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