Tune into Deezer’s brand new TV app for your daily dose of music

Posted by mickey | September 1, 2016 | NEWS

Today TVs are the most common home appliances with 99%* of US households owning at least one screen. Since its arrival in our living rooms during the early 60s, television has brought together generations, started sibling wars over the remote control, invented Sunday TV dinners, sparked debates, heck it’s even got us laid (if you still don’t know what ‘Netflix and chill’ is, we recommend you find out). In the US people spend on average 5:11 hours in front of the box. But what if the TV could go even further and also play your music? Now with Deezer you can turn your TV set into a stereo?

  • A new TV app: Get the best of Deezer on your screen

A TV is just a TV… until it becomes a 32-inch karaoke screen and a portal to ALL your music. The New Deezer app has been revamped and is gleaming with the following available features.


Sit back in your couch and let Flow take charge. It’s your endless personal soundtrack that mixes your music with fresh discoveries picked just for you.

blog_ zoom _flow_806x806_1_EN




Turn your living room into the best karaoke bar in town with the lyrics feature, now available in the new TV app.

blog_ zoom_lyrics_806x806_4_EN


My Music

Whether you want to listen to the sounds of whales during an afternoon nap, listen to a full album with a glass of wine or twerk on your coffee table in a unicorn onesie, you can enjoy your favorite music whenever you feel like it.

blog_ zoom _mymusic_806x806_2_EN



Don’t leave your guests munching on mini burgers in awkward silence. Get the party started with one of our many mixes.

blog_ zoom_mixes_806x806_3_EN

  • Smarter navigation

Now you can get the Deezer you know and love. Belt out your favorite anthem with the lyrics feature, log in to get your Flow or create an account directly on the app to save time. To upgrade to Premium+ you’ll still need to subscribe online but if you’re not familiar with Deezer yet, you can take a quick look without registering in discovery mode.


  • Where and when?

The new Deezer app will be available on Samsung TV, Android TV on August 31st and will  be soon available on LG, Opera, Bang & Olufsen, Sony, Amazon Fire TV, Hisense, Foxxum TV store, Vestel, Panasonic, Philips, NetRange.

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When will the new deezer tv app be available for a LG webos 3 49 inch UH770V

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