Maggie Rogers releases her much anticipated EP Now That The Light Is Fading

Posted by Anne-Sophie | February 17, 2017 | MUSIC
Maggie Rogers releases her much anticipated EP Now That The Light Is Fading

Last year, two unrelated-but-glorious events dedicated to nature happened: Planet Earth 2 and Maggie Roger’s viral song ‘Alaska’.

Maggie Roger’s rise to fame came while studying music production at New York’s University’s Clive Davis Institute. During a masterclass attended by Pharrell Williams, she played ‘Alaska’, a track she had written in 15 minutes after a hiking trip across a glacier. William’s stunned and enchanted response went viral, resulting in millions of views. Following the internet frenzy surrounding her music, Maggie left technology behind for another hiking trip through the French Alps in a quest for new music inspiration.

In uncertain times it’s truly moving to watch singular artists bring beauty back into the world. Growing up in rural Maryland Rogers is no stranger to nature. Her songs reflect her love for overwhelming landscapes that have the power to heal the heart and soul. ‘Alaska’ takes the listener on a journey “through icy streams which take your breath away” proving that pristine nature really is a cornerstone for artistic creativity. Maggie’s songs are to music what La La Land is to cinema, a fresh new, yet slightly nostalgic take on the human spirit that taps into our deepest desires for a better and more beautiful world.

Maggie is not just an internet sensation or a music student who impressed a creative influencer. She’s a talented songwriter, a nature lover, a multi-instrumentalist and all-round inspiring young woman. Her debut EP, Now That The Light Is Fading, cleverly weaves her incandescent personality into mesmerizing and luminous songs that blend together pop, folk and electronic music (which she discovered while studying abroad in France). Maggie is not climbing towards success she’s sailing towards it, at full speed.

Rogers is part of our Deezer NEXT program of 2017, where we support emerging artists who are set to make it big this year.

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