Double Play – Deezer Introduces Unlimited Music for Xbox One

Posted by barbora | March 13, 2018 | Partnerships, US

New App Lets Gamers Play Music, Even When Game is Off

March 13, 2018 – New York: Deezer, the world’s most personal music streaming service, is for the first time giving gamers the opportunity to listen to Deezer while playing their favorite games simultaneously, through launching a new app on Xbox One and the recently launched Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful gaming console.

Given that gamers spend a little over 6 hours per week playing video games* and music fans on average spend 32 hours per week listening to music,**  Xbox One gamers, who are also music fans, will no longer be forced to choose between music or game-play. A newly created interface will now allow gamers access to Deezer’s catalog of 53 million tracks as they game.

Deezer on Xbox One includes:

  • Flow – Uses smart data and editorial recommendations to play familiar beloved tracks, as well as suggest new ones
  • Full access to all new releases, channels, playlists and My Music
  • Listen to any tracks from Deezer’s entire 53 million catalogue
  • Use Xbox One game console to listen to music even when not playing, including Xbox One soundtracks and gaming playlists
  • For the Family – Up to 6 accounts can sign in with Deezer Family account
  • Available for Premium+, HiFi, Family and Student plan subscribers

“Just as every game has its own soundtrack, gamers using Deezer for Xbox can get into their own personal Flow or listen to any number of mixes and playlists while they play, creating a much more immersive and personal environment. Additionally, gamers that do want to give their eyes a break from the game can still listen to all their favorite tracks using their console as a music system,” said Jorge Rincon, VP of North America.

Deezer on Xbox One is available in most countries where Xbox One is sold. Xbox One users can download the app on their console to try it free for 90 days.

*Nielsen 360° Gaming Report 2014

**Nielsen Music 360 2017 U.S. Report

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