Watch a Livestream of Laurent Garnier’s Dj set at YEAH! Festival

Posted by izilda | June 3, 2016 | LIVE

Photo Credit: Richard Bellia

By the time I was ten years old my bedroom looked like a nightclub. There were strobes, multi-colored flashing lights, a disco ball, a DJ booth and a dance floor. When I switched on my equipment hundreds of tiny white lights would flit across my bedroom ceiling and walls. I switched on my disco ball every night. I dreamt of only one thing: make people dance” – Laurent Garnier (Electrochoc autobiography. Flammarion, Rocket 88 publishing).

For the past 30 years, Laurent Garnier has indeed been making people from all over the world dance. Revered father of electronic music ‘Made In France’, Laurent Garnier’s career soars way beyond the dance music scene. His enthusiasm and talent have led him on a remarkable and eclectic artistic journey; author of several film scores, ballet composer, radio broadcaster and producer at his own music label (FCom), for the pioneer of ‘La French Touch’, it has never just been about DJing and making electronic chart toppers.


Over the course of his career, Garnier has also composed some of the industry’s most notorious electronic music anthems praised by both DJs and the public alike: ‘Flashback’, ‘Crispy Bacon’, ‘The Man With The Red Face’, ‘Back To My Roots’, ‘Gnanmankoudji to name but a few. His mixes successfully blend together Detroit techno, jazz, sweltering disco, soothing house, African grooves, jungle and dubstep.

At the start of 2013 Garnier settled in Lourmarin located in France and created YEAH! A new indie electronic music festival.

For this year’s edition, Laurent Garnier will perform live the five EP’s from La HOME Box album released in May 2015. These EP’s were originally part of his “Garnier Project”, the first album he ever produced and released on five different labels.

The concert will start at 9.15 PM GMT, make sure to tune in to watch the pioneer’s live set!  

Listen to La HOME Box album here

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