Watch It Buddy, Deezer is now available on Apple Watch

Posted by | March 16, 2016 | NEWS
deezer apple watch

Music can be timeless, no? The songs of your childhood or your school days seem untouched by the passing of years. A soaring aria from a Puccini opera or the exuberant whine of Miles Davis’ trumpet often feel free of time’s laws.

Alas we live in a world bound by the orderly progression of day and night. But that doesn’t mean you can’t, while trapped in time’s sticky web, enjoy your favorite music on Deezer’s new Apple Watch app!

If you own one of these accessories du Cupertino then you can control your iPhone’s Deezer app using your magic wrist jukebox!

Simply connect the watch app to your Deezer app and you can access Flow, My Music, Charts and Mixes as well as any songs you have downloaded to your phone for offline listening.


The Player:
You can also Like, Dislike or control the volume directly from you watch.
Remember, the audio player is always available when you swipe right.


When you Force Touch the watch you will be able to Repeat songs, Shuffle the current playlist and view your Queue List.


My Music
Here’s how the navigation looks for the tracks, albums, playlists,


or artists and podcasts you saved to My Music:


Mixes & Top Charts
And here we have Mixes and Top Charts


They say there is a season for everything and 2016 is the season for the wearable device. Just think of all the timeless memories you’ll make while listening to Deezer on your Apple Watch.

Available from iOS 8.2

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That’s really cool!

Mind including a video?

And will the view stay at the player when i re-activate the screen when it times out?

Android Wear please ????????! Thanks!

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