You can now share your music on iMessage with Deezer

Posted by Anne-Sophie | December 16, 2016 | NEWS, Uncategorized

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t find the words to express how you feel or what you want to say? But, like Goethe once said, “music begins where words end”. Now with Deezer in the iMessage store, you can say anything with music. Deezer for iMessage is a new way to share the music you love directly in your chat thread. Send a recently played track to a friend (or foe depending on their tastes) so that they can listen to a 30- second sample. If they like the track they can open it in their Deezer app. It’s a great way to share music together in a heartbeat or tell someone special the things that matter when all words fail.

How do I get it?

1- Update your software to iOS 10

2- Go to iMessage Store and tap on manage

3- Toggle Deezer to add to your drawer

4- Start sharing your latest music discoveries.

How do I use it?

1- You can share your more recently played tracks

2- Tap the app icon.

3 – Go to the iMessage app named Deezer

4 – Select a song

5 – Share

How do they get your music?

The receiver will be able to listen to a sample directly in the chat thread. If they are a savvy Premium+ member they can launch the app and listen to the full song.

If they aren’t the proud owners of a Premium+ subscription, they can launch the Deezer app on their mobile, but their music will play in shuffle. If they don’t have the Deezer app they will need to download it. 

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Any chance of the same for Whatsapp on Android?

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