12 things we learned from our Twitter Q&A with Camilla Cabello

Posted by Muriel | October 19, 2017 | arch-MUSIC
Camilla Cabello Twitter Q&A

Most Mondays are terrible, the worst. Not this one though. This Monday we got to spend some quality time with Camilla Cabello while asking  her some of the thousands of questions we gathered from her fans. It was a tough job to pick them *bring out the invisible violin* but some were just too good to miss.

1. Her favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel from Tangle, because she has a lot of dreams and she’s very… Emo, you know.

2. She was super, super shy growing up which didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. GO GIRL!

3. Her fans have her back no matter what #CamilizersFTW

4. She has a crackling sense of humour

5 . She loves Brazil and Brazilian music

6. She wishes she has the super power of being in two places at the same time, one of them being a place to nap. 

7. Her song ‘Havana’ took 6 months to produce and there are at least 5 versions. ALL WORTH IT THOUGH!

8. Her favorite Hogwarts house is Gryffindor, but she got hufflepuff in a quiz. So, we will not talk about that…

9. The Harry Potter character that she relates to the most is Ron Weasley because he’s awkward and gets himself into all sort of situations.

10. She’ll dress up as catwoman for Halloween if she’s not working in the studio #SadFace

11. Top 3 things on her bucket list:

  1. Live somewhere outside the US, people from Spain and Italy she has her eyes on you.
  2. Eat escargots (She’s not ready yet though!)
  3. Go on tour

12. She speaks amazing French!


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