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Ahead of Deezer UK’s 1st Birthday Party this week, we had a quick word with Rebecca Taylor, one half of Slow Club. Check out a playlist  chosen by her and Charles below too…


‘Paradise’ was noted by some critics as a more mature record than your previous one. Do you feel more grown-up than the last time you released an album?
Yeah, definitely. Getting older scares the shit out of me and excites me in equal parts. Most of our songs kind of touch on that on Paradise. The first record was just a collection of what we had so far, Paradise became what we wanted to be and wanted to play live.

You’re letting your fans decide where to play the dates for some of your European tour. How would you describe your relationship with your fans, or is it something you think about?
I’m not sure really, it seems like there are a fair few people out there who listen to our stuff and want to see us live, so that’s nice. To know that you couldn’t just like… stop, if you get me, is a good feeling. I’ve kind of made friends with a few people who like the band, which is nice.

Daniel Radcliffe is in your recent video and interviewed you for Time Out. Is he now a ‘celeb pal’ of yours, or is it strictly fan worship?
Haha, we are all pals I’d say yeah. He is really fun. There was an embarrassing point where we had to explain that both me and Charles really love the Harry Potter movies but once we all got over that it was fun.

This Deezer gig is for our 1st birthday in the UK. What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever given someone? And received yourself
Very relevant question as it’s actually my birthday on the 15th! I got my dog Rusty when I was 10 years old and that was probably the most exciting day of my life without a doubt. Rusty is now dead 🙁 but he was the best dog, he moonwalked when he needed a shit. Imagine!
I’m terrible at giving gifts, I like to think that I’m generous but I’m not very clever with ideas. I once bought my best friend Liana socks with my name on though that was pretty good.

Recommend us some new great music you’ve heard recently.
I’m really really bad at finding new music I like. I seem to just go round and round listening to the same albums or old stuff really. I’m on a female ballad trip at the moment, Nothing Compares to U, I Can’t Make You Love Me etc! Perfume Genius is the only artist I love who is relatively ‘new’. I really should start to read music magazines shouldn’t I?

Listen to Slow Club’s playlist – recent tracks that Rebecca and Charles have listened to:

Remember to tune in here from 18:30 (London time)  to see Slow Club perform live from our 1st Birthday Party and performances by The Staves and Villagers (exclusive acoustic set).


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