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Posted by | October 5, 2012 | arch-MUSIC

Ahead of Deezer UK’s 1st Birthday Party next week, we grab a quick chat with future folk superstars The Staves. Check out their playlist below too…




Hello The Staves. How did you guys meet? Only joking! – describe your music to us in one sentence.

Our music is good.

As well as sharing the stage with Slow Club and Villagers for our 1st birthday party, you’re about to go continue a tour with Bon Iver. Is their rider impressive? What are they like to tour with?

Their rider is ample, but not excessive – there are 9 of them, after all! They’re very generous and always offer to share their beer and whisky with us. They are lovely lads and great fun to tour with. We can’t wait to see them all again.

Dead & Born & Grown is the name of your marvellous debut album. Where does the name come from? – we’re hoping it’s not the nicknames you all had growing up.

Ha! No, not quite… It’s the name of one of the first songs we wrote together. This album is made up of all the best songs from that point to this.

What is your most memorable on-the-road moment so far?

When we, and about 15 other people, walked through a drive-thru McDonalds in America, pretending to be a car so they would serve us.

Recommend us some new great music you’ve heard recently.

Atoms for Peace (Thom Yorke’s new band) has a song out at the moment that is hypnotising.

The Staves’ Tracks For The Tour Bus playlist:


Remember to tune in to Deezer.com from 18:30 (London time)  to see The Staves perform live from our 1st Birthday Party followed by performances by Slow Club and Villagers (exclusive acoustic set)



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