5 things you might not know about metal music

1. The singer from Megadeth could have been Sean Harris 

Did you know, that Dave Mustaine from Megadeth dreamed of hiring Diamond Head singer Sean Harris as Megadeth’s frontman. Ten years later, Mustaine featured as a guest on Diamond Head’s comeback album ‘Death and Progress’.
Also this year marks the 25th anniversary of Megadeth’s cult album Rust In Peace.

2. Cannibal Corpse appeared in Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Did you know that Cannibal Corpse made a cameo appearance in 1994’s Ace Ventura’s Pet Detective? The masters of brutal death gore performed their major hit “Hammer Smashed Face” in one of the most notorious 20th century blockbusters, in which the legendary Jim Carey crowd surfs and lets rip an incredible death growl on stage.

3. Glen Benton was on a rather conservative French TV show

Once upon a time in 1995, way before sensationalist reality TV shows made their debut, it wasn’t uncommon to find a witty Glen Benton, leader of Deicide, promoting his album on rather stiff and conservative French TV shows. Glen had undeniably decided that day to put on a show much to the hosts’ glee on “J’y Crois J’y crois pas” in front of a dumbfounded audience.
Apart from sticking out like a sore thumb, let us recall that at the time Benton openly claimed he would kill himself at the same age as Christ when he was sacrificed (33 years). For the record, today Benton is 48 years old and still very much alive and kicking and remains Deicide’s front-man.


4. It’s a good thing that ridicule never killed anyone… but apparently Metal music makes you sick

In 2007 Roger Tullgren a 42-year-old Swede declared to local newspaper “The Local” that he had been officially recognized by the Swedish state as “disabled”. His disability supposedly stems from his debilitating addiction to Heavy Metal allowing him to claim an invalidity pension to complete his part time salary. Why be a slasher or slacker when you can be both.

See untranslated video here.

5. Gaahl from Gorgoroth used a Snickers ad to tell the world he was gay

Heavy Metal music and its followers have long been stereotyped as closed-minded and intolerant. But these last few years the role of LGBT musicians has evolved with more and more musicians coming out of the closet. Take Gaahl from Gorgoroth for instance, who in 2008, decided to come out of the closet in style via a Snickers ad. routenplaner Not only did we find out that Gaahl was gay (obviously) but that he also possessed a great sense of humor. His tour de force helped pave the way for Metal artists to talk more openly about their sexuality.


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