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Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Roste is not just a talented musician, he’s an Instagram master too. He posts a bunch every day, from photos of his amazing travels, shots with fellow musicians like Woodkid, to lots of pics of himself doing the V sign (can someone explain?). He’s also an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter.

Had a triumphant day ????: @softcircle

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If you were a 22-year old manic pixie girl in 2008 and grew up swooning over Seth from the OC, then you most likely had a crush on baby faced Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend (no? Just me?). Aside from his successful broody-indie-boy-from-the-Hamptons act, Koenig is smart, talented and witty (like Chandler-witty) and owns the complete Woody Allen DVD collection (ok, I made that up but it’s totally possible). Ezra also worked on a lesser-known side project in 2009  called  Discovery where ‘he wants to be your boyfriend

not mad, just cold

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Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast knows what we Instanerds need: cute cat pics, ripped shorts, straggly hair, tattoos and memes.

My new style is called “adult toddler” ????????

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In 2015, the very regal Father John Misty hung out with us in the Deezer lounge at Pitchfork festival. His PR, who happened to be sipping tonic water next to us said, “he’s a lovely guy but he really loathes idiots”. Judging from the artist’s Instagram account his PR was right. Misty’s sense of humour is pretty sharp and unforgiving. When he’s not posting sarcastic photos of himself glued to his phone, he loves to caption crappy stock photos with deep, abstract thoughts and the result is priceless.

“Oh, there it is – the authentic part of town!”

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Mykki Blanco is that underground rapper you put on repeat when you want to walk like you own the street. Blanco does hip-hop like no other while championing LGBT rights. Hip-hop is synonymous with heteronormativity but charismatic queer activists like Blanco are setting the record straight and breaking down walls. Besides, Mykki ‘doesn’t give a F*ck what you think’.

#MYKKI the debut album out 9/16/16! photo: Julia Burlingham @thejuliab

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Arca’s Instagram is as warped as his music. Think slightly soft bondage and generally quite kooky… but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

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