6 Playlists You Definitely Need For An Awesome Summer

Posted by | June 30, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

The sun ain’t shining and the weather definitely ain’t sweet at the moment in Paris or England. But hey what the hell, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. Here is a selection of ultimate summer playlists from our editors to entertain you all summer long, come rain or shine.


Yannick – Jazz Editor

Go on a soul music odyssey this summer even if you’re just floating around your friend’s pool on a pool lounger.

Soul Odyssey


Rachel – Chief Editor for France

Don’t cha wish your playlist was hot like this, don’t cha wish your playlist was fun like this? Don’t cha?

R’n’b classics from the 90s-2000s

90 rnb

Kim – Indie Editor

Forget your worries and have a dolce farniente under a tree by the lake, before heading home for evening drinks.

Acoustic Chill


Rachel – Chief Editor for France

Drinking cocktails at a tiki bar? Sipping martinis on your sofa at home on a rainy evening? Whatever the weather, this playlist is shaken not stirred.


electro apero

Freek – Belgian Editor

Spending summer with the family? Not sure pops will dig Drake? Need to keep Dad entertained while he flips burgers on the BBQ? No worries Freek’s got you covered with his time travelling summer playlist. 50 years of sizzling hits for every generation.

1962-2016 SUMMER JAMS

summer 60

Romain – Hip Hop Editor

Romain’s got you covered for the party, the after party… and beyond ;-). Work it.

New Urban Pop Hits

urban hits

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