6 things we learned from our Ed Sheeran fan Q&A

Posted by Muriel | March 1, 2017 | arch-MUSIC

Ed Sheeran returns with his new album ÷ (DIVIDE) on Friday. To celebrate we asked his biggest fans to pose questions on Twitter. Here are the key things we learned from our #EdSheeranDeezer inquisition.

1. His album names are all part of a master plan

Think Teddy just pulls his album names out of thin air or waits for a visit from a magical muse? Think again my friend…


2. He’s a Britney purist

Ed’s not ashamed of a slice of pure pop. Sure, the conventional wisdom is that Blackout is the best Britney Spears album but he’s all about the early hits…


3. His dream collaboration would be with Beyonce

Now this we would love to see happen…


4. If he wasn’t a singer…

The shelf stacking profession’s loss is our gain!


5. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve for his upcoming tour

Ed may have been performing with a band for his recent TV performances but it’s back to the one-man-and-an-effects-pedal setup for his tour.


6. He’s one HELL of a romantic

Talk about about grand gestures. Ed once treated a special someone to a what sounds like a mind-blowing night.

In case you’ve never been this is what the Blue Lagoon looks like by the way

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Credit: Viv Lynch, flickr.com


We kind of want to go on a date with Ed Sheeran now.

Ed’s new album ÷(DIVIDE) is available to stream on Deezer from Friday (March 3).

Listen to our Shape of Ed playlist

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