7 things we learned from our James Blunt Twitter Q&A

Posted by Anne-Sophie | March 7, 2017 | arch-MUSIC

We’ve had some top-notch talent visit us in the Deezer Twitter Room over the last few months. Ed Sheeran and Little Mix have rolled through and this week it was the turn of musical marvel and king of self-deprecating Twitter banter James Blunt to slip into the chair to answer your questions.

Miss it? Never fear friends, we’ve got you! Here are the key moments you need to know from our #JamesBluntDeezer extravaganza.

1. U2 are his songwriting heroes

2. But his new album, The Afterlove, is inspired by a younger generation of artists

Which begs the question, “What is Ed Sheeran like to work with?”

We’ll get the gossip out of you next time James….

3. The album title was inspired by a surprising act

Kids, you can ask your mom and dad about The KLF.

4. He’s an “anti-emojiist”

???? ⛔️ ???? ❌

5. His most embarrassing moment is hilarious but a bit of a head-scratcher

We’ve all had nightmare moments where we’ve been caught with no clothes on,  but too many?!

6. He’s managed to make it to the age of 43 without nailing some basic domestic skills

Don’t worry James. We can give you lessons.

7. Making the video for You’re Beautiful almost killed him (maybe)

James Blunt’s new album The Afterlove is available to stream on Deezer from Friday March 24.

Check out new tracks from it Make Me Better, Time Of Our Lives and Love Me Better and classic Blunty albums and sessions now on Deezer.


Read the original version on Deezer UK here

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