Abba, Kiss and God: everything you need to know about Ghost

Posted by | September 20, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

One year ago we launched our first metal Deezer Session (watch it here) with guest band Ghost following the release of their critically acclaimed album Meliora. One year later we decided to meet up with one of the ‘Nameless Ghouls’ to learn a bit more about the band behind the masks.

Although there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Swedish band, the Nameless Ghoul gives us some further insight into the formation’s psyche and their music influences.

There’s no denying Ghost stand out from the metal genre. They aren’t metal purists, nor do they reject mainstream music. This doesn’t mean to say that they don’t have a scathing view on modern society. Meliora, which the band defines as the pursuit of something better and greater, is an album that calls into question modern behavior. Have we become emotionless monsters? Have we lost sight of our spirituality and soul? Does God actually exist? Ghost explores our spiritual errancy and isn’t afraid to call us out on it.

Watch Nameless Ghoul bob up and down to ‘Dancing Queen‘, openly embrace Ghost’s theatrical rock band status, discuss Beyoncé, and analyze ABBA’s global success, their huge contribution to music history and their place in Swedish society.

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???? I listened to Dancing Queen on the way to Illinois yesterday on my birthday. Thanks for the lil gift this is.

Papa, is that you?

Abba sucks, there is no god. NEXT!

ABBA’s songwriting team were not just masterful composers, but masterful arrangers as well. This is not lost on A Ghoul Writer, you see how he plays that tasty air piano as it chimes in, in exactly the right sonic space. That’s an essential element to my newfound obsession with Ghost’s music. I have listened to all of their releases over and over for months, and I often STILL hear something new. In Satan Prayer for instance, the castanets that pop up in the chorus. Even the instrumental bridges are fussed over… The interlude in Majesty is a neo-classical masterpiece in and of itself. In Year Zero (a collaborative composition) there is a clever instrumental version of the bridge that prefaces the actual bridge. Just absolutely brilliant songwriting and just as importantly, the forgotten art of ARRANGING. I would be blessed as to ever compose even one such masterful song.


Deezer you are better than all.

Abba Sucks Bit Ghost is best

I’ve loved ABBA since I was a kid. My children even love them too. Great band.

why if ghost is looking fore god do thay worship and love satan god of all evil

A very musically & compositionally insightful comment, Lisa. I only discovered them in January, but have now listened to all their albums many times. I agree with your appreciative assessment. I will see & hear Ghost Oct 7 in Denver for the second time this year. To be honest, I am quite disappointed in the new song, “Square Hammer”. Having no compositional uniqueness, it merely mines a well-tread “power pop” formula that a thousand other radio-friendly pop tarts have used to excess. I hope their next album has songs and compositions that will continue to twist my ear, in a good way.

Thanks for the kind feedback… I discovered them this year as well, during the Grammy process. I too was a bit disappointed when first hearing Square Hammer, it’s like a Diane Warren metal song. 😉 It made me recall how “Special Ghoul” said he understood why Metallicas songs got simpler and more commercial, because of how that plays in a large arena sound environment. I do hope thats not where they are headed, but my guess this was just a tune that got left off Meliora.

The song has grown on me… Although the bones of it are formulaic, there is some nice dressing to it, especially in the keyboards. There are LOTS of different key and organ sounds in it, and they pop in and out in tasty places.

Hope you enjoyed the Denver show! I see them tomorrow in Seattle… And Sunday in Portland… I drove out of my way a few months ago while on tour to see them in Nashville. Glad I got to see MP before he flew the coop! But happy to see the new Ghuleh on bass (if a little jealous!)

Excellent comment Lisa it is about time people realized how strong the songs of Ghost really are.being a songwriter for years though not famous I hear you and agree,there are few if any weak moments in Ghosts songs,just so much quality and brilliant continuity.I’m in my early 50’s and a huge classic rock and porg rock fan and am so impressed with these guys.

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