All you want for Christmas is good music? Well, here it is.

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Christmas with Deezer

It’s that time of year again when the winter blues give way to joy, generosity, animated family rows and a hefty overdraft. Cynicism aside, Christmastide is the stuff fuzzy feelings are made of and we should all revel in it (to all the grinches, kindly step away from the keyboard).

So, however you choose to rock your Christmas this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our more unconventional playlists to get you high on Christmas.

Adams Christmas

1- Headbangin’ Christmas

Listening to metal music does not mean you hate Christmas. No need to smuggle Christmas decorations into the house like contraband. Granted, your unorthodox carol tastes may not impress Nana Gertie, but nothing can stop you from thrashing around the Christmas tree.

2- Alternative Christmas

If you tend to roll your eyes until they dangle out of their sockets every time Slade or Wham comes on, then this playlist is for you. You’ll probably have never heard of it.

3- Bluesy Christmas

Delta the halls with boughs of holly baby.

4- Rap Christmas

Grind your way through the Christmas festivities with a few NSFF (Not Safe For Family) tracks. Why be nice when you can be naughty?

5- Crooners Christmas songs

A diplomatic Christmas is a good Christmas. Keep the old folks’ anxiety in check with the traditional, tasteful and much loved Rat Pack classics.

6- Choral Christmas

Christmas vibes

If you like picture-perfect Victorian Christmases with robins, nutmeg, fireplaces, oranges and real candles that’ll set your tree ablaze*, then you’ve come to the right place. Hark the choral sings.  

*(seriously though, keep your tree away from open flames and shady lights)

7- Punk Christmas

Punk Christmas

Whoever said that anti-establishment politics and Christmas don’t mix? After all, Christmas isn’t about smartphones and consoles, but about family no matter what shape, size, or hair color they come in.

Can’t get enough of the Christmas spirit? Head over to our dedicated Christmas Channel stuffed with Christmas songs, that’ll get you in the festive flow.

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