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It’s February which can mean only one thing, start of award season! We’ve got the Oscar’s, the BAFTA’s, the Brits and of course, the Grammy’s coming up over the next few weeks.

We all have our favourite artists, but wanted to kick things off by sharing some of the data we have on popularity of songs you guys have been listening to…could this indicate who will come up trumps?

First up – the Grammys – we’ve trawled through millions of streams to give you our predictions on who will win the coveted title of Album of the Year…

  1.  Beck, Morning Phase

Let’s hope this award nomination isn’t just a phase… not funny.

  1. Beyonce, Beyonce

So good she named it twice. The Diva has landed again this time with even more sass and even more attitude. But will she get to call this Grammy number 18… Surely 17 is enough?

  1. Pharrell Williams, Girl

Well, he has already won the sexiest man in pop award (from us anyway), can he claim this too? We’d say he has a great chance -will he be Happy on the night?

  1. Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour

He’s just been endorsed by the Kardashians. How many people can say that? Not many that’s for sure. When you’ve got that under your belt who needs a Grammy?

  1. Ed Sheeran, X

We knew he was a contender after seeing hundreds of fans congregate outside Deezer HQ whilst he filmed his exclusive session. The man certainly has the X factor and you think so too as his album was streamed more than anyone else’s in the list.

What do you think to our predictions? Agree? Let us know.

Best of luck to all of the nominees involved – we’ll be watching.

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