Become a Deezer Affiliate, just like Seevl, Askking Music, and moosify

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Today we officially launch the Deezer Affiliation Program, along with 3 great apps to give an idea of what you can build with the Deezer API and SDKs. The Program will financially reward developers every time a person subscribes to Deezer after discovering the service through their app. We believe in making our music streaming technology as open, accessible, and attractive as possible to developers. We also believe in developers to foster innovation and to take music to new and diverse audiences. For more info on the Program, see this post from last week 

Get Affiliated

Check out the Affiliation documentation on our Deezer for Developers pages, where you’ll also find our API and SDKs. Follow the steps below to get started in just a few minutes.

  1. Complete the sign-up form
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Receive your application ID and start generating revenue

New Apps 

Deezer integration in 3 brand new apps for you to discover and enjoy!




It’s easy to discover music that matters to you with Seevl. The app consists of a personal dashboard with a tailored musical profile and your social feed.




Askking Music

A social blind test game allowing you to challenge your Facebook and Deezer friends on your favourite artists and genres.





An exciting way to meet new people through music. Browse potential matches while listening to their music until you see someone you like, let them know you’re interested, and if they like you too, you may have just found your next date!


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