BMW party

Stuck in a traffic jam with a crackling radio reception and no music at hand? Well musicless and tiresome road trips are now a thing of the past with BMW. BMW has always been one step ahead when it comes to connectivity between driver, vehicle and the outside world. Today BMW ConnectedDrive and Deezer have partnered together with Online Entertainment, which enables drivers to enjoy direct access to music and entertainment from their vehicle, even without a smartphone.

A user account is automatically created when the email address is entered, but it is also possible to log in with an existing Deezer account, allowing users like you and me to access all their carefully built playlists. There is no limit on either the number of tracks selected or the data volume required. And what’s more, even when traveling outside of Germany, whether it’s visiting the vineyards in Bordeaux, skiing in the Swiss Alps, or living la bella vita in Tuscany – drivers can continue to enjoy online access to Deezer without incurring additional international fees or roaming charges, which let’s face it, makes the journey all the more stress free.

And because music has no frontier, tracks can be played offline at any time, even without an Internet connection – for instance when travelling abroad where service is unavailable.

In sum, music in the car, does more than open up an enormous music library; it increases the enjoyment of music, allowing drivers to discover new artists, relax, get their groove on, entertain their passengers and amplify their global BMW experience.


Finally, if the thought of interrupting Barry White at the end of your car ride seems heinous, you will be glad to know that Deezer can also be used on devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers outside of the vehicle. Yes, you heard us correctly; drivers can still enjoy their favorite music even when they’re not enjoying the luxury of their BMW. We can honk our horns to that!

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