Music unleashed in 22 new territories

We are delighted to announce today Deezer’s latest phase of international expansion into 22 new countries.

Deezer is unleashing music in 22 new territories as we continue in our mission to help people across the globe find new music and get enjoyment by broadening their musical horizons. The arrival of Deezer in the Middle East, new parts of Asia, North and South Africa and Brazil is set to change the way people listen to music.

Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said: “As we continue to expand our footprint across the world, we’re thrilled to be making more music accessible to more people, in some of the most remote corners of the globe. Forget about the constraints of geographical borders and old music distribution networks; the evolving digital infrastructures and mobile uptake in Africa, Asia and the Middle East offer hugely exciting growth potential for our service. And as we continue to broaden our reach, we’re able to deliver the most interesting and engaging local content and services, tailored to the market. Each launch helps further our strategy to be a truly global service.” 

Yasmine Hamdan, a leading Lebanese singer songwriter commented on the launch: “Deezer brings music to all, allowing art & culture to circulate in a free, instant way. Democratizing the music space in this way creates a melting pot that opens up great opportunities for new talent. Musicians from all over the world can easily engage with fans and new audiences without barriers of time or space. This all makes it a very exciting time to be an artist.”

Music Unleashed

Deezer has launched in the following regions:

  Algeria  Bahrain Brazil Egypt
  Hong Kong  Iraq Jordan Kuwait
  Lebanon  Morocco Oman Pakistan
  Philippines  Qatar Republic of Korea Saudi Arabia
  South Africa  Taiwan Tunisia United Arab Emirates
  Venezuela  Yemen



With the expansion into these twenty-two new regions, Deezer is now present in 182 countries around the world. Deezer is available in each of the new regions as a standalone service, with locally relevant content and features to be rolled out in the near future.

We can’t wait to get stuck into some new Brazilian, Lebanese or South African tunes!

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