Check out the refreshed iPad and Deezer for Mac app!

Like Curtis Mayfield Deezer likes to move on up: Check out the refreshed iPad and Deezer for Mac apps.

As queen Beyonce once said “let me upgrade u”, well here at Deezer we took the queen of Pop’s (if not the universe) advice quite literally and decided to give ourselves a little TLC. Sound the horn, we have given our iPad app and Deezer for Mac app a makeover… and boy does it look good on us.


With its slick and clean design, the spruced-up iPad app offers even smoother and easier access to the tunes that make everyday a Friday.

The rejuvenated iPad app also includes editorial tips and Flow: your custom mix, a mashup of your personalised feed and music recommendations that’ll rock your socks off.

Get the it now from the App Store or download it here.


Finally, because good news at Deezer never stops, we’ve also launched the Deezer for Mac app: 35 million fabulous tracks in one place, which you can listen to offline whenever and wherever.

So whether you’re hitching a ride on the back of a yak in Tibet, meditating in a secluded cabin in Siberia or sailing the seven seas, your music stays with you at ALL times, making anywhere you go feel just a bit more like home.

Download Deezer for Mac

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