Code In The Dark

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IMG_20130927_211952Last night Deezer HQ played host to Code in The Dark, an incredible night of coding, prizes, and high spirits, fuelled by endless food, beer, and energy drinks.

The idea behind the event, organised by Tictail and The Rude Baguette, was for front-end developers to put their coding skills to the test by building replicas of various sites. The catch was that they had to implement their designs without any code-preview or use of a browser, i.e. completely in the dark. The winners were the team who created the closest replica, decided by the loudest cheers from the audience.

While the coding was over by 11:30pm, the after-party was just getting started. We had legendary DJs playing all night and the last hard-core hackers trailed home around 2am. Code In The Dark was a night we certainly won’t forget.

We’re also tempted to keep the fluorescent lighting as a permanent fixture at Deezer HQ. Glow in the dark FTW!


Code in the Dark from Tictail on Vimeo.

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