Deezer Acquires Muve Music and Partners with Cricket in US

We’re excited to partner with Cricket Wireless to bring Cricket customers an exclusive product offering on January 31, the first time Deezer will be available to mobile subscribers in the US! Deezer is acquiring Muve Music, one of the largest music services in the United States.

Muve Music customers will be able to transfer their existing music libraries and playlists right to the Deezer app so they can keep listening to the music they love. All new and existing Cricket customers can enjoy Deezer For Cricket for an extended free trial period and can purchase Deezer for $6/per month (including all taxes and fees), $4 less than other premium services.

The agreement with Cricket and the acquisition of Muve Music is another example of Deezer’s commitment to meeting the needs of music lovers everywhere around the globe. To find out more about Cricket’s new music platform by Deezer check out

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