Deezer Launches Its New Beta App for Windows 10

Posted by | March 1, 2016 | arch-WHAT'S NEW
deezer windows app

Philanthropist and technology mogul Bill Gates can sleep soundly with Microsoft’s Windows 10 now running on over 200 million devices around the world. Released amidst a flurry of excitement last year, Windows 10 focuses on giving the user an increased personal and human experience, all through the best technology available.

Here at Deezer we also understand the power of combining the human touch with the best of technology, and personalized music recommendations sit at the heart of what we do. Over the last few months we’ve been busy working closely with Microsoft and are excited to share our new Beta app for Windows 10. The beta app is available to Premium+ and free users who wish to see how the new app will work.

>> Download the app <<

deezer windows app
Drum roll please, we’ve created a before and after list so you can see the main differences (and also to show you guys that we’ve been working really hard)


1. There were 3 ways of accessing Deezer, depending on your device. Every app on every device was different. Confusing we know.

2. 3 different apps for Windows mobile, tablet and web, each with a different design and separate features.

3. The tablet app was updated less frequently than the mobile and web app.



1. One app and one app only across all your devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and soon everywhere where Windows works.

2. A new ergonomic design, with revamped content pages, a new tab bar, and all your favorite music packed into “My Music”.

3. The same features across all devices.

4. All updates across your devices are synchronized.


To sum up, the newly designed ergonomic app has just opened the window (forgive the bad pun) to hassle-free navigation, meaning you can now access all your music from your home page whether you’re on your tablet, computer or mobile.

>> Download the app <<


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I am not connected to a microsoft account for privacy reasons.

How do I use Deezer ? Why don’t you make a regular installer program ?


Really good looking app, fast and fluid too.

Suggestion: would like to choose the order of the songs in my playlists after when I added them.

Keep up the good work supporting W10!

Does it have airplay support?

Thank you Deezer! firing in front of all! Congrats! God bless Universal Apps!

This app is great but it needs some work with:

Album selection should be avilable on the first menu without having to click on “my music” do it more like the windows 8 app, that worked great on the WP 8 version, however maybe I need to adjust myself as this new layour makes it more available on the bottom.

In my the album/playlist section:
After achieving 20+ albums put letters on like you did in the 8.1 W8 / WP 8 so you can click on them and come to a certain album starting with “F” easier. I have 250 albums on at the moment, and the app doesn’t remember where you were, scrolling is a pain! This needs to be fixxed.

Also, ad a search bar for YOUR albums / playlists, that way searching your favorites becomes way easier.

Let me have the options to right click or hold the album clicked down to get the question to add it to my start menu faster. I shouldn’t have to enter each album, click on add to start menu/ Start screen and then scroll down to “albums that starts with s” once more.


The app itself has a cool color, but do add the option for complete fullscreen on windows 10. Right now the bar is so white compared to the rest of the app which puts it to shame.

Give an option for dark mode, a lot of the app is white and for cellphone use this is understandable, but for windows 10 users it can tire your eyes out. 8Stream is an app that did great on this turning the whole app black/gray ish which is really wonderfull!

The top bar should be black like Edge can be if you choose “dark theme”.

For the player tab, have it on the bottom right corner for tablet/windows 10 ursers, we have bigger screens then the WP, we should use it. So much space is left unused!

Final mentions:
The app itself is 10 times better then the original Windows 8.1 app. So please continue to work on this. I haven’t had any bugs on this yet so the fetures that are there work 100% it seems.

Hi Eilytres, thank you for your extensive feedback! This has been shared with the windows team who will look into it and continue working on future evolutions. Happy you like it!

To be fair, i was actually looking into switching to grove music, my subscription runs out the 17th so i wanted a week to transfer them. If you guys were a week late you would’ve lost me as a customer. If there’s somewhere where I can apply for closed beta section I’d be happy to help. I’ve been pro Deezer for a long time but the low support on windows 10 (and wp8) has been discouraging for me. This is a step in the right direction and you’ve really bought new hope to me.

So if there’s anyway I can email more suggestions or test stuff out for you guys I’m happy to help.

New app looks good.
But here is one thing: Is there any way to add volume level control into app (like in web version)? Because sometimes I won’t to lower my music, but do not lower other system sounds.

Where am I supposed to send feedback and suggestions to? Every time I press the “Send feedback via email” button it just opens a new tab in chrome.


Any chance some developer love can be shown to the OSX version? Not been able to scrub through tracks playing via Flow or Mix options since it was released. Seems such an easy fix.

Awesome stuff. App works great on my phone. And I’m very happy with the flow option. Huge improvement over Spotify.

You may wanna look at the song information shared via bluetooth connection though. In my car it only shows the song title and the time progression shows the total time of the playlist instead of the song length. But that’s what betas are for, right?

Keep up the good work!

great! “good news!'”

A Volume Bar would be nice in the app, so we turn down the music, some songs are too loud! Thanks!


Where can we report bugs for this beta release? I can’t seem to figure out how to add songs to playlists.

After 4 solid years of Deezer Premium as an EE customer i was more than happy to continue with the subscription once my contract was up however after using the original windows tablet app i was left less than disappointed with the experience and moved to Groove Music, the less said about that the better. I have been waiting for an update to the Deezer app in the windows store and i when i came across this i instantly cancelled my groove subscription and resumed my deezer one. The app is great, all the features i have come to love on my android app. Well done keep up the good wok and development. The only negative i have at this stage is the obvious white window bar that cannot be changed. an option for full screen or dark theme skin would be good here, having said that putting my surface into tablet mode removes it.

Great beta, keep it coming…. and good on you for the being 1st to dive into the world of universal windows apps. 1 happy customer

Hi there
I find the application great but all the downloaded music is stored into my phone. i’m missing so much the option for changing the location of downloaded music to mi sd card.

I installed Deezer to test it. On android it works. I have issues on windows: select an album and try download for offline listening . I can see a download button, but clicking it does nothing. Oh well back to listening to my MP3 collection because I cant afford to only listen to streamed music all the time…

I still have a €5/month plan (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore). I can listen on laptop/pc but not the app. Is there any way I can listen on tablet lik eon my laptop? The app now plays songs randomly, no playlists.


Please contact Customer Support who will help you with any questions regarding Deezer.

Feel free to release an app for Xbox One now !!!

soon 😉

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