Luckily Deezer Has Your Back For These Summer’s Long Car Rides

Posted by | July 5, 2017 | arch-WHAT'S NEW
Deezer Car Devices

Summertime has finally arrived which means sea, sun, cocktails, well-deserved rest… and stressful car rides. Unlike road trips movies with sultry heros and heroines cruising care-free along Route 66 in sexy tank tops, driving for most of us looks like 6 hours on a clogged highway, in an over-packed car with screaming kids in the back. And even if you’re not driving on “vacation”, people spend on average 60 minutes a day driving alone. That’s a hella long time to be boxed up in sardine tin in the heat.

So, if you’re going to be cooped up in car this summer and in dire need of some quality entertainment to drown out the sound of your kids asking if “we’re nearly there yet”, head to Deezer to find out more about all the ways to listen to Deezer in your car. You can listen to Flow, Mixes, albums and playlists built by you or curated by our Editors. Plus, you can control Deezer directly from your dashboard to make life that little bit easier.  After all, happiness is a road trip with a good playlist.

Find out more about all the ways to hook up Deezer in your car here:

– CarPlay

– Android Auto

– Mirrorlink

– UConnect (Fiat / Jeep / Chrysler)

– BMW Online Entertainment

– BMW / Mini A4A (iOs)

– Parrot Asteroid

If you’re looking for some awesome tunes to blast out of the windows of your car, check out our summer playlists full of the hottest tracks. They’ll have you wiggling in your seat and, trust us there ain’t no age limit on that: 



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