Deezer Challenges You To Find The 50 BRIT Award Winners Hidden In The Illustration

20 years ago in 1996, Pulp’s frontman Jarvis Cocker climbed onstage at the BRIT awards in an act of protest by mooning Michael Jackson during his delusional and incredibly pompous performance. Michael Jackson dressed as some modern-aged Jesus figure continued to perform whilst Cocker pranced around like an epileptic stick insect openly mocking the king of pop’s megalomaniac behaviour. It was a glorious moment in TV history. I was 11 at the time and Cocker’s hilarious act of defiance stole the hearts of the British music media including my own.


 (Jarvis Cocker makes his grand entrance at about 5:00 min)


But Cocker’s side-splitting intervention wasn’t the only memorable event from the BRIT awards, which have been hosted for almost 40 years. The event has seen some of the world’s most legendary acts pass through and swipe up the precious trophy. Question is, how many do you remember?

To celebrate the 2016 awards, Deezer has worked with renowned British illustrator Mohan Ballard to create a quiz for die-hard music fans. The quirky illustration contains 50 visual clues of previous winners dating back nearly 40 years. Sam Lee, Deezer’s UK & Ireland editor said: “UK has a massive music industry and we all like to think that we have a great knowledge of who’s who in music. This is a fun challenge ahead of the BRIT awards for music fans to name all 50 references.”

Yes some are easy ­— such as “a Dell computer” to represent Adele, but some took us hours to find. So guess away and see if you are the true music buff you pretend to be at parties.

We will release the results in a few days.

Listen to the BRITs Awards playlist on Deezer:

Deezer Illustration JPEG file logo



1. Ed Sheeran – Sheers cutting ginger hair
2. Royal Blood – Bloody crown
3. One Direction – Sign post reading ‘One Way’
4. David Bowie – Iconic lightning strike on bowtie
5. Ellie Golding – Solid gold ‘L’ and ‘E’ bars
6. Bastille – July 14th (Bastille Day) displayed on page of calendar
7. Artic Monkeys – Monkey in artic setting/frozen monkey
8. Emeli Sande – ‘Emeli’ written in sand
9. Adele – A Dell laptop
10. Coldplay – Play button covered in frost, pause and stop buttons next to it
11. Black Keys – Two black keys side by side
12. Tinie Tempah – Tiny angry man
13. Arcade Fire – Arcade machine on fire
14. Take That – Clapper board with “THAT” written on the board
15. Mumford and Sons – Mum, standing next to a Ford car (detailed with oval blue logo), with two small boys (sons) stood on the other side
16. Dizzie Rascal – A dizzy child (freckles on his face)
17. Lily Allen – Lily flower with Allen key for a stalk
18. Florence and the Machine – Italian road sign with ‘Firenze’ written on it, next to a machine
19. Spice Girls – Gaggle of little girls holding a spice rack
20. Girls Aloud – Boys sign (such as on a bathroom door) with an X marked across it, girls sign with a tick across it
21. Kings of Leon – Two kings standing over Lyon on Map of France
22. Pet Shop Boys – Shop front with two boys standing outside, with “CATS” written across one window and “DOGS” across the other
23. Amy Winehouse – Off Licence with big bee hive hair do
24. Green Day – Calendar with one of the days in green
25. Kaiser Chiefs – Picture of German Kaiser next to two Red Indian Chiefs
26. Madonna – Virgin Mary
27. Eminem – An M&M
28. The Streets – A few street signs (Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street) side by side
29. Ms Dynamite – Stick of dynamite wearing a woman’s wig
30. Sting – Stingray or wasp butt/sting
31. Fatboy Slim – A fat boy standing next to a slim boy
32. U2 – U2 bomber plane
33. Steps – A set of steps
34. Chemical Brothers – Two brothers with t-shirts reading two chemical elements from the periodic table
35. The Corrs – Heaps of apple cores
36. Eels – Two eels
37. Supergrass – Patch of grass with Superman S in the middle of it
38. Stereo MC’s – Boom box with a mouth and holding a mic
39. Seal – A seal
40. Queen – A Royal Mail stamp (with the Queen’s head on it)
41. The Cure – Medicine cabinet
42. MC Hammer – A hammer wearing parachute pants
43. Neneh Cherry – A cherry with frizzy black hair
44. Erasure – An eraser
45. Wet Wet Wet – Three yellow triangle ‘wet floor’ signs
46. Kate Bush – Writing the word Kate in shrubbery
47. The Bangles – A group of bangles on a wrist
48. The Police – A couple of police officers
49. Culture Club – A mocked up football crest/badge with the Mona Lisa on it
50. The Beatles – Two beetle insects


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