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We’re launching “Deezer Editors Love…”, a series curated by Deezer editors around the world, highlighting one brilliant album each month they feel deserves extra attention. The series kicks off with Roseaux’s self-titled album, featuring Aloe Blacc of “I Need a Dollar” fame. The editors fell in love with the jazzy vibe and gorgeous instrumentals from the French trio. Well worth a listen.

The Deezer Editorial Team are 50 music experts around the world, whose role is to be Deezer’s ear to the ground, sourcing the best new music to curate hundreds of releases on Deezer every week.

“I keep up to date with mainstream music magazines to the tiniest indie blogs. Considering the quantity of music we listen to I thought that I would become less patient over time, but the opposite has happened. I find myself giving second listens to stuff I wouldn’t have given a chance to before.” Inés Sapochnik, Deezer Editor Argentina

Each editor listens to music for 5 hours every day, equating to 48,000 hours per year for the team in total! This number is set to increase as the Editorial Team continues to grow.

“‘Too much love will kill you’ – not in this case! Actually on the contrary. When you listen to a lot of music and can’t find anything interesting and all of a sudden you find the perfect track or album, that definitely increases your appreciation of good music.” Ewelina Majkowska, Deezer Editor Poland.

Some might say it’s the best job ever? At heart, our editors are simply huge music fans who get to do what they love everyday.

“It’s the best job in the world, really. We listen to music all day and communicate our discoveries and new-found treasures to the world. I think we editors have the gift of figuring out a song within a few seconds. But when the music has a certain “soul”, a unique feeling, it really makes my day and I listen to it as passionately as any fan would.” Yasmin Muller, Deezer Editor Brazil.


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