DEEZER FAMILY IS AVAILABLE, gather round the table!

Ever been stuck in the car with your dad playing the same Neil Young album over and over again?

Does your mom interrupt your in-front-of-the-mirror in-bedroom twerkfest to play her Il Divo songs?


With just one music streaming account in the house, spending some quality alone time with your favorite music or choosing songs that’ll make everybody happy can quickly escalate into a full-blown family feud.

But those days have come to end.  We’ve launched Deezer Family so you can share the Premium+ love with the other members of your clan. With one account, you can create up to 5 additional profiles for 14.99 a month. Now that’s at least one good thing that runs in the family!

Here’s how it works:

6 profiles , 6 very happy people

Whatever family means to you, whether it’s the one you have or the one you make, everyone can listen to their own music at the same time. No more Rock Around The clock interrupting your Slipknot.

You don’t share your toothbrush so don’t share Flow

You may not be able to choose your brother or sister but you can choose the music you listen to. Personal profiles mean that your brother’s Norwegian metal music doesn’t mix with your indie-folk. Your Flow is made just for you, with recommendations tailored to your tastes.


Premium+: Make it a family affair

Listen to whatever you want anywhere, anytime with no ads. You can download any of our 40 million songs and playlists to listen offline, so you’re all set for a road trip.


With Kids profiles, you can give them the love of music

Kids profiles mean nursery rhymes and cartoon characters for the tots, and all the latest floppy haired heartthrobs for your tweens. You can now live Bieber-free.

Family Mix, for the special moments

Even though your family’s imperfect you still love them (or at least are forced to spend time with them), so bring your tribe closer with the Family Mix. It’s a blend of everyone’s favorite songs to enjoy together, wherever you are.

See go on, be one happy family!


To learn more about Deezer Family for 14.99 a month click here.

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