Deezer Hack Session – Building the future of music

Can you imagine sitting comfortably in your living room listening to your favorite Justin Bieber song stream on a vintage 1960’s era radio? Well, here at Deezer we made it happen, read on to find out…

During our last Deezer Hack Session which took place at our Paris office, we had our Tech teams work some of their engineering magic and come up with some crazy and wonderful hacks that will shape the Deezer of tomorrow.

We have been holding internal hackathons for several years simply because we believe that they are a great way for employees to bond, brainstorm, explore new technologies, be creative and above all have fun!



Some of the cool and original inventions the teams managed to concoct this year include “Flow Radio” (aka Old Radio). Mickaël from R&D and seven other colleagues managed to bring an old Schneider radio back to to life by integrating our streaming services (Flow and Discovery). How cool is that?!


Old radio

No doubt, our Tech teams have many other tricks up their sleeves and it’s a matter of time before they introduce all their creative ideas into your Deezer experience.

Want to jump in and be part of the next Deezer Hack Session? Click here to join us and build the future of music.

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