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Posted by | February 17, 2015 | arch-WHAT'S NEW

Today we’re extremely pleased to announce our partnership with ROCKI, the experts who can make any speaker wireless. Thanks to these guys, you can now bring your old speakers up to date in a few simple steps.

In a nutshell, ROCKI plugs into any speaker to Wi-Fi enable it, meaning you can send your music from your phone, tablet or computer to your speakers using the ROCKI app.

Born from an early kickstarter campaign, ROCKI is a small, simple and portable device that can be connected to any speaker to make it wireless. Using the app, you can switch between all of your ROCKI devices in different rooms giving you full control of any house party. It’s available in seven different colours and has a built in battery so you can easily extend the party to a friends house. ROCKI is available to buy now.

To celebrate, why not listen to our regularly updated ROCK playlist below:

ROCKI is available to buy everywhere now. Go to for more information

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Ermmm, hasn’t this been available for weeks? Atleast?

I know I’ve been using it through the Rocki app for that long, hopefully Deezer has added a ‘send to Rocki’ button which will make it much easier and cleaner to use.

I Love This New and Wonderful App, When It Comes To Deezer, Life In Music Couldn’t Get No Better!!!

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