Deezer presents the App Studio


Deezer presents the App Studio: a new way for you to enjoy music

We are pleased to present to you the App Studio, a store within Deezer aimed at helping you discover even more music, to listen to and share with your friends directly from Deezer or from other apps.


You can access the App Studio directly from your homepage in the ‘Apps’ menu. 


There are over a dozen apps, five of which have been integrated into Deezer so that you can access them from your PC/Mac and can be added straight to your favourites: DeezUp,, Twusic, PIAS and YaSound


Others give you the ability to use your favourite albums, playlists and Deezer’s recommendations on your mobile to become a DJ (eDJing) or play name-that-tune/pub quiz with your friends (What’s that track). A new way for you to enjoy our world of unlimited music.


Let’s have a look at a few of our favourites  – DeezUp, and Twusic.


DeezUp: Want to create the perfect playlist for your night? DeezUp is the answer. You can easily create your playlist, share it with your friends, let them add tracks to it and vote which tracks to keep so that you only play the best music. Create playlists with your friends.

Shuffler Enjoy daily recommendations made by the leading voices and tastemakers across the music web, all in one place. Another way to discover the best music, filtered by genre, easily and directly from Deezer. Discover more recommendations.


Twusic: With Twusic you can discover and listen to what is being played on Twitter right now, all over the world. Share the music you are listening on Twitter using the #nowplaying hashtag and be part of the first 100% user-curated radio channel on Deezer. Listen to #nowplaying radio.

Have a look at all our apps here, choose the ones you love and discover, share and enjoy more music than ever.

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