Deezer rated as best streaming service in Sweden



Shortly after launching in Sweden, partnering with mobile operator Tre, we’ve come out on top in a recent comparative review of streaming services conducted by respected Swedish tech blog, We’re thrilled to have beat market leaders Wimp and Sweden’s own Spotify to the coveted top spot, proving that having a home advantage isn’t everything.The article championed our sophisticated design, wide availability on different platforms and devices, and our extensive range of in-apps. Thanks for the thumbs-up Lajka!

Here’s what our Partnership Manager for Sweden, Alex Esser, had to say: “Spotify has done a fantastic job introducing streaming to the masses, especially in its home country. However, it’s exciting for us to see that Deezer is now rated as a better service in Sweden and, as a result, we’re welcoming more and more Swedish users to Deezer everyday.”

“We’re committed to offering a streaming service that gives people something extra. For example, we understand that in Sweden we have to focus a little more on electronic music, indie acts and female artists as this is what our users want. Through our extensive team of editors, we’re focussed on taking the time to understand what Swedish music lovers want and it’s good to see it’s paying off here.”

In the review Deezer proudly topped the podium with nine out of ten points. Natives Spotify took second place while Norwegian Wimp came in third position. Read the full comparison here (in Swedish).



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