Deezer teams up with Summer Rites

Posted by | July 30, 2012 | arch-MUSIC

Hey boys and girls, time for a gay ol’ summer. We have partnered with London’s original gay music festival, Summer Rites, which takes place in Shoreditch Park on 2 September 2012.

Gay London at it’s best! In a park!

Summer Rites embraces all that’s good about gay clubbing to a sensational soundtrack. This year Summer Rites will bring together talents from across London, from established dance organisations to the newest breakout clubs, from the fashionistas to the most die-hard of drag legends, live acts and internationally renowned DJs.

You can now listen to the Summer Rites radio channel for free on the Deezer website and apps, and also on the festival website and Facebook page. Curated by the festival’s team of experts, the radio channel embraces the fun and frenzy that is Summer Rites, featuring recommended artists and tracks.

Also make sure you check out the Summer Rites mini-site on Deezer to learn more about London’s original gay music festival.


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