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Posted by clement | April 15, 2016 | arch-Uncategorized

Each spring a merry mob descends upon the valley outside of Indio, California for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Over two consecutive weekends revelers endure the elements – including heat, dehydration, sunburn, and swarms of bugs and the bodies of fellow concert-goers — to bask in the light of the world’s biggest pop stars. Our question is, “Why?”

It seems like a lot of trouble just for the privilege of sweating your butt off in a Southern California desert, no? Not to mention the cost of flights, car rental, accommodations, tickets, t-shirts, food, beverages and the various other items you’ll buy along the way (replacement phone chargers, anyone?).

We’d like to make a modest proposal. Instead of going to Coachella this year why not stay at home in the climate controlled sanctuary of your living room, eat and drink delicious food from your kitchen and sleep comfortably in your own bed? If this sounds appealing just wait until you hear the next part. With Deezer you can listen to all the Coachella bands as much as your heart desires and never have to get up from your couch!

To get you started here is a playlist called, you guessed it, “Couchella.” It’s got the same great artists – including Calvin Harris, Sia, LCD Soundsystem, Disclosure, Guns n’ Roses, M83 and Ellie Goulding – but it’s less hassle.

Click here to listen to the playlist!

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