Find your flow. Press play


Today we’re excited to show off our new Deezer video! Set to the African influenced tones of breakthrough Swedish pop artist Seinabo Sey, the clip is a celebration of Flow, your special non-stop music channel tailored just for you.

Like all those beautiful folk you too could be taking Deezer with you from sunrise ‘til sunset and beyond, to the tune of your favourite tracks recommended to you from our 35 million strong library – whether you’re on- or offline. Deezer is there to boost your life, at every moment. So whether you’re at the gym, on a run, partying the night away or on your daily commute, Deezer will make life sound better.

If like us you’ve become a fan of Seinabo Sey’s second release ‘Hard Time”, make sure you listen to it on Deezer

Watch the video now:

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