Ever wondered if your city had some weird music tastes? Find out with @FlowMyCity

A while back Vice published a piece about a new community of cowboy metalheads in Botswana. Metal music in the African desert? Who would have thought? But it’s little discoveries like these that make the world a more fascinating place.

It also made us realize that, as one of the biggest streaming communities in the world, we could find out a little bit more about the world’s more surprising streaming habits.

Introducing @FlowMyCity, the new Twitter bot which tells you who’s listening to what where. Tweeting the name of a city and @FlowMyCity means the bot will reply to you with your city’s musical quirk’s.

Flow My City - What's the sound of your city?


And if you’re more of a nomad than a home bird, you can tweet as many times and cities as you like. Over 34,000 cities are participating in the project, including 10,000 in France, 7,000 in the US and 4,500 in the UK. The world is your musical oyster.

We particularly enjoyed finding out that London listens to more French music than anywhere else in the UK. Brexit may be putting up borders but it’ll never stop the music.

It also turns out that Texas isn’t the only place where people like to line dance in dust caked cowboy boots. In France, it’s the small town of Limoges that listens to the most country music. Whoever said line dancing and wine tasting couldn’t mix?

And forget about Nirvana in Seattle, they’re all about the classical music there, but then again classical music isn’t always as prim and proper as it seems
Find out which music genre is living it up in your city. Go to @FlowMyCity Twitter account and find out.

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