Revere The Beard – Get Your Folk On For World Beard Day

Posted by Muriel | September 4, 2017 | arch-MUSIC
World Beard Day Folk music

Beards help you get back to nature.

They help you make friends.

They can be a conversation starter.

Frankly, beards are awesome.

Since it’s world world beard day, it must be time to combine our infatuation with face fuzz with the love of folk.

Akron Family are a good place to start when you don’t have a clue about folk music. Formally, they’re an “experimental rock band”, but are heavily influenced by folk. Experimental? More like extraordinary –and it’s folking great! They don’t shy away from smooth lyrics and slow beats, but this doesn’t stop you humming the tune hours later.

From designing album artwork for the likes of Enter Shikari and Dananananaykroyd (try saying that three times) to making his own. Plucky Brit, Keaton Henson brings down to earth, mellow tunes up to date and is a perfect soundtrack for a bit of beard taming.  

Iron and Wine have the perfect name to help you ease through the ironing pile with a glass of red.  Their vibes are like taking a deep breath and forgetting about how crummy the commute to work was and knowing that it’ll be time for bed soon.

Fresh from his 2017 Glastonbury performance, Father John Misty is showing the world that he still has the voice to capture the next generation, and the quirkiness to keep himself a crowd favorite.

So, sit back, and immerse yourself in everything Folk on World Beard Day.

We’re not forgetting about everyone else with a bit of chin décor. We know those men in folk dominate the beard cliché, but check out these other genre fuzz balls:

Action Bronson

Action Bronson

Rick Ross 

Rick Ross

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