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Posted by laura | November 10, 2015 | LIVE

What do classical music and metal music have in common? The answer is Melted Space, an ambitious opera-rock project created by talented composer Pierre Le Pape. His project is an epic modern opera like you’ve never seen before, mixing metal with the more traditional codes of classical music to create a colossal work of brilliance: multiple characters, scripted music, orchestral arrangements and strong emotionally charged sequences.

This enterprising project is hardly a surprise coming from a band as gifted as Melted Space. After two critically acclaimed albums and a packed out European tour, the band is back with a stunning collaboration with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and other illustrious artists such as Attila Csihar (Mayhem), David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING), Ailyn Gimenéz (SIRENIA), Kobi Fahri (ORPHANED LAND), Mariangela Demurtas (TRISTANIA), Sylvain Coudret (SOILWORK) and Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity). This gargantuan enterprise has it all: amazing choruses, elaborate melodies, exquisite structure, rigorous sound and a strong musical identity. Each song brings together all the key ingredients to turning this super-production into a whole new music genre.

What ‘The Making of: The Great Lie’ below:

Listen to The Great Lie here on Deezer or below:


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