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Posted by laura | June 14, 2016 | LIVE

Needless to introduce PJ Harvey whose stellar career has ranked her as one of history’s greatest female rock artists. She formed her iconic trio in 1991 in Dorset England. Following the release of  her debut album Dry, PJ Harvey shot to fame and has over the course of her career won two Mercury Prizes and numerous other awards for her intricate and avant-garde music.

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Raised on a sheep farm in Dorset, PJ Harvey has often spoken about how rural life has influenced her music. This English upbringing which Harvey humorously describes in a 1993 interview on the Jay Leno show is reflected in her 2011 gritty album Let England Shake which focuses on both her home country and the social troubles faced by British society at the time.

Alongside her outstanding music career, PJ Harvey invests a lot of her time on visual projects and theatrical and film soundtracks. More recently she has worked on critically acclaimed BBC television series Peaky Blinders starring dreamboat Cillian Murphy.

To add to this prolific career, the charismatic frontwoman has collaborated with a wide range of musicians including Thom Yorke, Nick Cave, Tricky, Bjork and Sparklehorse. In addition to her musical career the multi-talented artist paints, draws, sculpts and writes poetry.

In spring 2016, PJ Harvey released her incredible ninth studio album The Hope Six Demolition Project, recorded at Somerset House in early 2015. Set to play a number of selected festival dates across Europe this summer, Pj Harvey will also be touring France. For those of you who don’t reside in the land of cheese or would rather rock’n’roll on your couch, Deezer has partnered with Arte Concerts so you can live stream Harvey’s live performance on 14th June in Lyon.

The concert starts at 9:30 GMT time. Live stream the concert at the Nuit de Fourvières festival here:

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