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Stranger Things – The Show That Got Nostalgia Right

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, you should know that Netflix has delivered its best show so far this year. This summer, the 8-part series has put social media into a frenzy, monopolised dinner conversations, and triggered massive waves of nostalgia. Stranger Things has tugged on every single one of Gen Y’s heartstrings. The magic of the show doesn’t come from its plot, monsters and little girls with super powers, but from the strong emotional pull it exerts on us.

Stranger Things is an elaborate homage to the best 80s movies. Unlike the pale copies that have attempted to revive that long gone optimism, Stranger Things hits home by paying a childlike and genuine tribute to Spielberg movies and other film gems from the time.

The homage is heartfelt and despite the initial low budget, the Duffer Brothers prove that a huge imagination can take you far.

The flawless-80s themed soundtrack also contributes to the show’s success. The mixture of 80s post-punk and new age hits blend into the scenes perfectly adding mystery and tension to each episode.

The infectious theme song, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stern from the band Survive, sets the tone and sends prickles of pleasure to the brain. From ‘Fields Of Coral’ by Vangelis to Joy Division’s eerie ‘Atmosphere’, take a trip back to a time when flammable puffer jackets and BMXs were cool, when your phone had a wire and when Pop-Tarts were still considered a healthy breakfast.

Take a trip to the upside-down with the Stranger Things playlist:

And guess what? It seems that season 2 is on the way…


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