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Posted by laura | May 3, 2016 | LIVE, MUSIC

Photo Credit: Kenneth Cappello

The Kills are back after a five-year absence and they are still as hot as Ash and cool as Ice. Over the past decade, the band have released four records, each one twitching with tension, anxiety, lust, sex and arousing nonchalance. Their new album Ash And Ice is due for release June 3. The album took five years to make in part due to Jamie Hince’s hand surgeries after his tendon was destroyed by a botched cortisone treatment for a broken finger. This physically and mentally painful accident resulted in him taking time out for rehabilitation and re-learning to play the guitar. But it also gave the soul mates (in work and in friendship) time to compose their new gem.

This album was largely written and recorded in LA and New York unlike the previous albums which were recorded in Michigan. But it was during Jamie Hince’s recuperation and when he decided to take a solo trip on the Trans-Siberian Express for inspiration, that the songs started to take shape for the album, including the album’s title. Meanwhile prolific and enigmatic composer Alison Mosshart wrote some of the most gut-wrenching tortured and nebulous lyrics, ever to have been written by the band. Where previous albums had an air of aloofness and juvenile indifference, Ash and Ice is melancholic and lascivious like the exhausting aftermath of a destructive love affair. Like a cigarette the 13 track album is noxious, addictive and… let’s face it seductive. From the Trans-Siberian railway to the Hills of Hollywood and the tarmac coated streets of NYC, the band’s sensuous sonic journey has barely just begun with their first Parisian concert at La Cigale which you can live stream here:

The concert begins at 8 pm GMT Don’t miss it.

For more tour dates click here.

Listen to the playlist: 

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