Playlist: Give Your Old Man The Glorious Gift Of ‘Dad’ Rock

Posted by | June 17, 2016 | arch-MUSIC

He may not be the best dancer.

He may not fully grasp the meaning of “go out and play with the kids!”.

He may even be a bit lousy sometimes…

and want to kill you.

He may be the biggest kid in the house.

and crack the worst dad jokes ever.


Sometimes bonding doesn’t go as planned…


He’s your best partner in crime

and looks so dapper when he doesn’t give a flying crap.

He’s taught you some of life’s most important tricks.

And deep down he’s your number 1 hero.

So tell your old man he’s awesome on Father’s day with this ultimate ‘Dad’ playlist. You might even get one or two awkward jams out of him.

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